Tuesday 30 April 2013

Export & Download Tweets

twDocs is a FREE web service that  lets you save Twitter tweets and direct messages as a PDF, DOC, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS or HTML file. Easy to use, just select an export option and the number of tweets, download link then lasts for 5 minutes. See: http://twdocs.com/

Monday 29 April 2013

Giveaway Of The Day

Giveaway of the Day does exactly what it is says, offers a FREE download for a licensed software product for that day. Every day the offer the changes, so check the site daily. Normally for non-commercial use, see: http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/

Thursday 25 April 2013

File Compression Made Easy

I recently needed to extract the files from hundreds of zip files and 7-Zip handled the task in seconds. It's FREE for commercial use, handles a wide range of compression formats. Available for Windows, with unofficial packages for Mac OS X and Linux. See: http://www.7-zip.org/

Monday 22 April 2013

FREE Peer-To-Peer File Transfer Service

JustBeamIt is a FREE service that lets you securely send a file up 2GB directly to another person's computer or Android phone by selecting the file and then sending them a link which lasts for 10 minutes. You have to leave the browser page open while the transfer is in progress, but you know instantly when the other person gets the file. See: http://www.justbeamit.com/

Friday 19 April 2013

FREE Avatar For Your Digital Life

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar, an image that represents you online that appears next to your name when you interact with websites, blogs and web forums. It's also FREE, see: http://en.gravatar.com/

Thursday 18 April 2013

FREE Cloud Based Collaboration Systems - updated

FREE for up to 5 users with 1GB storage.
See: https://podio.com/
FREE for up to 20 users with 5 workspaces with 20MB storage each. See: https://www.pbworks.com/
Enterprise Social Network, the Basic Network is FREE.
See: https://www.yammer.com/

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Programming Languages For Kids

Teaching kids programming languages and concepts is one of the most beneficial skills they could learn in the 21st century. To get good at any skill, you have to put in the hours, but these tools put the fun into it.

Scratch is a FREE programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and share your creations on the web. Available for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux, see http://scratch.mit.edu/
Greenfoot is a FREE visual and interactive environment that teaches you to program in Java and allows you to publish your work both on and offline. Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or as a Java app, see http://www.greenfoot.org/

Tuesday 16 April 2013

FREE Social Media Management

The FREE version of HootSuite gives you a web dashboard to manage up to 5 social media profiles. Features include message scheduling, RSS feeds and HootSuite apps to increase functionality. Mobile apps are also available for Android, iPhone & iPad. See: http://hootsuite.com/

Monday 15 April 2013

FREE Lego Digital Designer CAD Software

Whether you are designing a Lego Mindstorms robot or just want to play around with every Lego brick ever made without the mess, the FREE Lego Digital Designer is CAD software for Lego. Automatically creates step by step build instructions for your completed designs, so you or someone else can build it with real bricks. Available for Windows & Mac OS X, see: http://ldd.lego.com/

Thursday 11 April 2013


The FREE Belarc Advisor creates a detailed report of your installed software and product keys, hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, and security benchmarks. Displays the results as a local HTML file in your web browser. Non-commericial use only, for all versions of Windows. See: http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

Tuesday 9 April 2013

FREE Unlimited Online Photo & Video Hosting

meJuba is a completely FREE online photo and video hosting, sharing and management service. Features include unlimited storage (up to 1GB per upload), all files are stored in their original formats (no scaling) and folder uploads. See: http://www.mejuba.com

Monday 8 April 2013

Update or Install Software Quickly & Easily

Every week there tends to be a software update for your computer which prompts you to install a toolbar you don't want or need. Ninite provides update patches and installers for Kaseya, GFI and Dell Kace management solutions and automatically says "No" to toolbars and other junk. You can download individual installers for nearly 100 applications for FREE, or purchase the Ninite Updater for $9.99/year. Available for Windows and Ubuntu, see: http://ninite.com/

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Gifting Apple Apps to iPad & iPhone Users

You can now gift paid apps to friends and family, which is handy if they cannot buy apps themselves (or you left it too late to buy them a present). Recently I gifted someone a couple of iPad apps from my iPhone, by selecting the app in the store, selecting the send icon, then selecting Gift. They receive an email with a redemption code, which automatically installs if double-clicked in the Apple mail client. Much easier than an iTunes card and they don't have to go searching for the apps. Doesn't work with free apps, only paid apps.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Access Your Notes Everywhere

Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, which are encrypted and synchronized between mobile, desktop and web apps. It is an open platform with lots of extensions and features. The FREE version backups up to 10 versions of each note, while a premium ad free annual subscription is $19.99 see: http://simplenote.com/