Monday 29 July 2013

50% Off TuneUp Utilities 2013 by AVG

TuneUp Utilities 2013 by AVG is a PC cleaner, optimizer and troubleshooting. To get 50% off the £29.99 cost, install the FREE trial, then after a couple of days un-install the software. This takes you to webpage giving you 24 hours to get the reduced price. Available all versions of Windows, see:

Monday 15 July 2013

Windows Emergency Task Manager

Many Windows PC viruses disable the Task Manager to stop you shutting down the malicious software wreaking havoc on your computer. Luckily you can use a FREE portable program called Quick Disaster Recovery to start a replacement task manager or run a set of preset fixes. See:

Monday 8 July 2013

How To Set Up An Apple iPad For A Child

I recently helped a colleague setup an Apple iPad for their 9 year old kid so that they couldn’t install paid apps, but could install free apps.  The kid would have their own email address and know their iTunes account password, though the parent could choose which paid apps they wanted to install. Also by carefully peeling back the plastic covering the power connector, we configured it and installed over 30 apps so that it was fully setup and full of apps as soon as the present was opened. See:

Friday 5 July 2013

PDF Issues - Adobe Reader & Acrobat Removal Tool

PDF files have nearly replaced paper for many people, so when you find that you cannot open one and reinstalling the Reader doesn't work, try this utility. The Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool removes a standalone installation of Reader or Acrobat version 9 or 10 (though not from Adobe Creative Suite) - available for Windows only, see:

Wednesday 3 July 2013

FREE Scheduling & Shutdown Utility

Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility, supporting many different events and actions, such as Battery Low, Window Closes, Process Stops, Ping Stops, Shutdown, Reboot, Log Off, Lock, Sleep, Execute Program, etc. Featues include a web interface for run-time information and to allow remote execution of actions. FREE for non-comercial use, or €14.95 for a license. Available for all versions of Windows, see:

Monday 1 July 2013

Ganib - Project Management

Ganib helps you manage, track your tasks and collaborate easily to improve productivity. Available as either a FREE local installation or a FREE hosted SAAS package for up to 10 projects with unlimited users. See: