Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Developing iPad and Android Apps

My wife often asks me why I haven't hit the jackpot yet by developing the next Angry birds, but it took Rovio 8 years and 51 other games before they got it right.  See the full article in, but if you do still plan to develop the next big thing, there are development tools that can give you a head start.

Name Languages Cost
Adobe Flash CS6 HMTL5, ActionScript, Flex $49.99 per month Creative Cloud subscription
Appcelerator HMTL5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP From FREE 
Cocos2d for iOS Objective-C FREE
Corona Lua  From FREE, $199/$349 annual subscription to publish
GameSalad Visual, drag & drop based (no coding)  From FREE to $299 annual pro subscription
Marmalade HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C++ From FREE, $149/$499 annual subscription to publish
MoSync C/C++, HTML5, JavaScript From FREE to €199 basic pro subscription
PhoneGap HTML5, Javascript FREE
Unity3D JavaScript, C#, Boo From FREE to $1500, $400/$1500 per platform

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